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Arcadia Peacocks Are Good Feng Shui

Last week, I was asked to do a home staging bid on a home in Arcadia, CA, that was located in an area of Arcadia known for its free roaming peacocks, near the LA County Arboretum. I stage many homes in Arcadia and am often asked about feng shui and peacocks.

The peacock is the official city bird of Arcadia and a picure of a peacock is displayed on street signs and the official city seal.

Peacocks in Arcadia street sign

Peacocks in Arcadia feng shui

Peacocks in Arcadia good feng shui

It's not unusual to see peacocks and peahens grazing in front yards and wandering the streets of Arcadia, particularly near the LA Arboretum.

Peacocks were first brought from India to Arcadia at the beginning of the 20th century by "Lucky" Baldwin, an early landholder in Arcadia, and founder of the Santa Anita Park Racetrack.

Peacocks & Feng Shui:

I think one of the many reasons (besides being lovely to look at) peacocks are allowed to roam freely in Arcadia is because of their high symbolic value in Feng Shui. Peacocks symbolize beauty, love and attraction, and their feathers are often used as a love "cure" to attract a partner. In addition the "1,000 eyes" of the male's tail feathers promote fame and luck and also awareness and protection. Its not a bad idea to have a statue of a peacock or a tail feather in your office or place of business if you want to have better luck and recognition for yourself or your business.

Peafowl Facts:

  • Peafowl is the official name when you are not being gender specific
  • Peacock is the male, peahen is the female, and peachick are the offspring under 1 yr. old
  • Peafowl can fly, but not very far. They like to roost in trees.
  • Peacocks molt their tail feathers naturally at the end of the breeding season each year
  • Peacocks use their brilliantly colored tail feathers to attract mates (the more, the merrier)
  • Peafowl can live up to 15 years in captivity

How to live in harmony with peafowl:

Besides being beautiful, peafowl can also be destructive to gardens, and can also be very loud and noisy. Here's some tips to deter peafowl from setting up residency in your yard.

  • Choose garden plants that peafowl don't like to snack on. A few good choices are Azalea, Bird of Paradise, Bouganvillea, Cactus, Clivia, Gardenia, Lavender and Roses.
  • Peafowl are omnivorous. They will eat dog & cat food, seeds, bugs, plants, you name it. Don't leave cat or dog food out and cover your compost heap if you have one.
  • Peafowl don't like to be sprayed with water. Sprinklers & hose spray can act to deter them from your property.
  • Don't feed peafowl. You may like them, but your neighbor may not. It is illegal to feed peafowl on public property.

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Last week, I was asked to do a home staging bid on a home in Arcadia, CA, that was located in an area of Arcadia known for its free roaming peacocks near the LA County Arboretum I stage many homes in Arcadia and am often asked about feng shui… more
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